Why Us

Because….we are simply different!

Although it might sound like a cliche, we are not like any other Claims Management Company (CMC) out there. It’s a sad thing to say but to many of them you would be simply another number – another statistic that they can quote – but to us, you are a true individual, and we will always treat you like one.

Not only are we different in our approach to you but we’re different in our claims process too. Utilising our legal knowledge and background we have developed our own systems and processes to progress claims to maximise our success. With our knowledge we can even run claims right through an Appeal stage, should that be necessary.

You can also be assured that we fully investigate all claims before progressing so you know exactly where you stand right at the outset, unlike many other CMC’s who simply draft standard claims in the hope that some will be successful!

Dare we say it, but any skill or knowledge in these instances is rarely used – it is all just computerised. But we are different – we will tell you straight, whether you have a claim or not from the outset.

It’s simple. At every stage we will keep you in the loop as to what is happening, meaning you can simply sit back, relax and let us use our expertise and get on with it for you. We are here to take the stress away.