The Banks Are Rejecting Thousands of Legitimate Claims!

You may have seen in the news recently, the ever increasing number of PPI claims being sent to the Financial Ombudsman Service.

We, amongst our industry peers and numerous consumers out there, are seeing that many of the major banking institutions are rejecting PPI claims, that should otherwise be upheld in favour of the consumer.

There are a significant number of theories for this;

  •  The Banks stemming the flow of refunds out of their business at any one point (Trying to keep their profits up, to please shareholders.)
  •  Banks being greedy (as usual),
  • Buying time until and PPI Claim deadline is set
  • Hoping many people will give up and not take the complaint any further
  • An Increasing number of spurious claims
  • Incompetence in processing the complaints
  • Consumers not fully understanding the complaints process
  • mis-informed advice from the media ‘because you had PPI you are owed a refund’ (NOT true, this must be mis-sold!)

If you are experiencing issues, or want to get a claim started, we can help. We know what the banks will raise as issues, and why they may reject claims, so with our knowledge we have an excellent rate of success with our clients.

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