PPI Complaints – The Financial Ombudsman Overwhelmed With 11,000 Complaints A Week

The latest figures released from the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) suggest the majority of the major banks are still failing to treat their customers fairly.

The FOS were receiving 11,000 complaints a week, in the period between October and December 2012. Out of these complaints, roughly 70% of them will be upheld in favor of the consumer. These figures clearly show how the banks are knowingly rejecting a large number of claims, they should be upholding.

In addition, these figures do not include claims that do not reach the FOS. This could be for a number of reasons, e.g time constraints on individuals and not knowing how to use the FOS.

At JPS Financial we pride ourselves on our open and honest advice, we will tell you right from the very start if we think you have a claim or not. We will advise on all the options open to you, including the FOS.

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