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Starting your claim is easy, let us do the hard work

You may have seen that you can run financial mis-selling claims yourself – and you can. But what happens when you are refused? Or, when the creditor bamboozles you with legal jargon in the hope that you give up the fight? We have unfortunately seen this numerous times.

Do you even have the time to run a claim yourself? Our experience has shown that many of our clients actually have multiple finance agreements, all needing detailed investigations, and they have all told us they prefer us to deal with all the chasing and mither for them. If you have had experience in running these types of claims before it is certainly possible to fit it in outside of work – but even then you will always have the problem that banks tend to close their phone lines at 5pm. So what do you do then?

Well why don’t you let the professionals do it for you? After all, we do this type of work all day every day and have done for many years. We know the tricks the banks try and use and we are experienced in their tactics, we truly believe you are better leaving it to us to handle your claim from the start.

Check out our specially designed 3 step process in getting back your money – it really is that easy!

Step 1

Simply fill in the claim form above to get your claim started now. We will look to call you back at a convenient time and talk you through any prospective claim. Alternatively you can call us FREEPHONE on 0800 612 8082, where you will get straight though to our trained advisors.

Step 2

After speaking to you we will send you our “Claims and Information pack”, which contains all that is necessary to get your claims up and running. All you need to do is sign, date and return the relevant forms to us in the FREEPOST envelope provided.

Step 3

This step is the best bit. Once we receive your forms back we will initiate our professional claims process to obtain your money in the quickest possible time. And remember, we always use our knowledge and experience to maximise what we can recover for you!