If you have ever had a loan, credit card, mortgage or Hire Purchase, it is likely that Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) was sold with it.

The Financial Services Authority reckon that over £9 billion worth of policies were sold to consumers with 20 million of you being sold one! These are astonishing figures and made all the more worse when you hear the figures relating to the PPI mis-selling scandal which ensued! The reality was that the banks became too greedy and saw a ‘quick buck’ to be made out of the selling of this insurance.

Although PPI, in itself, is not a bad product, it was how it was sold, the inflated cost imposed by the banks and its poor pay out rates that made the product worthless to the millions to whom it was sold.

Add to that the huge commissions often paid to staff to push its sale and you can now see where it all went wrong. So, you may have found yourself being talked into taking the insurance out, but PPI may not have been appropriate for your circumstances, rendering the policy not even worth the paper it was written on – despite it costing you £££thousands!! You may even have unknowingly paid money towards a PPI policy without you even knowing of its existence, such was the widespread nature of the mis-selling. Now we say it’s time to get your money back.

JPS Financial are fully qualified and experienced in investigating credit agreements and running financial mis-selling claims – we can quickly evaluate whether you may be entitled to claim back your mis-sold PPI. The amounts involved can be significant – we’re talkng many £££thousands rather than £hundreds!!!

It is well documented that £££Billions‘ worth of PPI has been mis-sold. Fill in the enquiry form now to start your claim and let us get your claim underway today, for what is rightfully your money.

Remember – we operate a NO WIN, NO FEE arrangement so you have nothing to lose by giving us a go!