Reclaim Santander PPI Now

The chances are that if you have taken out a loan, credit card or mortgage with Santander (previously, Abbey National / Alliance and Leicester) over the past 15 years, then Santander may have mis-sold you Payment Protection Insurance (PPI).

How bad were Santander at mis-selling PPI?

Last year Santander finally held their hands up and set aside £Millions to refund to their customers who had been wrongly sold PPI. If Santander has mis-sold you PPI do not let them get away with it and let us get back your fair share of the cash they have put aside for people just like you! Alliance and Leicester, whom Santander bought out, were fined £7millon in 2008 by the FSA for their part in mis-selling PPI scandal! We recently claimed back £5,112.31 for one of our clients in a matter of weeks, who was not eligible to make a claim even if he had wanted to! This is further evidence that Santander were just lining their pockets with your hard earned money.

How do I know if I have taken out PPI with Santander?

Contact JPS Financial today using the free enquiry form or by giving us a call, for a FREE enquiry to see if you may have been mis-sold by Santander. One of our legally qualified advisors will contact you at a time which is convenient for you, to discuss your possible claim against Santander. We pride ourselves on our honest and transparent approach to appraising claims.

How do I know if Santander actually mis-sold PPI to me?

There are a number of ways in which Santander may have mis-sold PPI to you, but take a look at the examples below and see if you answer NO to any of them:

  • Did Santander check if you received full sick pay from work?
  • Did Santander query whether you had any pre-existing medical conditions?
  • Did Santander enquire as to whether you already had payment cover?
  • Did you feel that the PPI was optional?
  • Do you feel that the advice given by Santander fair and honest?

I have answered NO to one of the above – what should I do next?

If you think Santander, have mis-sold you PPI, do not let them get away with it; let JPS Financial get back your fair share of the £Millions Santander have put aside for people just like you! Note: the above list is not exhaustive – there are many other ways in which Santander may have mis-sold you PPI. Call us, to see if Santander have mis-sold PPI to you, now.

Why should I choose JPS Financial to claim my Santander PPI?

At JPS Financial, you are not simply contacting a Call Centre and then passed from pillar to post. You will actually be speaking to the legal advisor who will then deal with your claim from the outset. All our staff are legally qualified with years of expert knowledge within the industry. You can be rest assured that your claim against Santander is in excellent hands. We will ensure you get back every penny you are owed, including all interest and we will also seek an additional compensatory award.

As experts, we will carry out all the necessary investigations with Santander on your behalf, so do not worry if you do not have copies of your agreements or statements – we can still take on your claim and check if you have been the victim of the mis-selling scandal by Santander! You have nothing to lose and potentially a lot to gain by giving us a call.

And remember – we work on a NO WIN NO FEE basis*, meaning that if we do not manage to get your money back from Santander, then you do not owe us a penny.