Lloyds TSB Received Nearly 1.4 Million PPI Complaints In 2012

After the recent fine that was imposed on Lloyds TSB, due to their inability to pay PPI compensation on time, figures recently released show just how many of their clients complained to them in 2012, in relation to mis-sold PPI.

The figure, standing at nearly 1.4 million is astonishing.  Lloyds have been criticised by the Financial Services Authority, stating that their handling of PPI complaints has fallen way below the standards they expect.

Although complaint figures actually fell in the last 6 months of 2012, they still stood at an eye watering 658,289, between June and December 2012.

If you think Lloyds TSB have mis-sold PPI to you, or if you have made a complaint but they are not dealing with you fairly, we can help.

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