Credit Card Charges

Ever missed a payment on a credit card, or exceeded your credit limit, only to find you’ve been disproportionately and excessively charged by the creditor?

Let’s face it, this has happened to most of us at some stage or another, despite desperate attempts by creditors to justify their charges! However, help is at hand. Using our knowledge and expertise, JPS Financial could obtain for you a refund of all charges, plus interest, that you may have been unfairly charged for on your credit or store cards in the last 6 years.

We are able to argue that the default charges, which some creditors apply to their customers’ credit/store card accounts, are no-where near a true reflection of the actual cost of ‘administrative’ work that the lenders supposedly incur, and they should not have charged you with them. Sadly we still see, in many cases, that these credit providers continue to levy charges on their customers’ accounts that are almost 3 times the level of charges recommended by the OFT. We think this is wrong, and we are determined to get these unwarranted charges back for our clients, by using our vast legal experience.

Due to this mal-practice, you could be entitled to a refund of ££hundreds, or even £££thousands of pounds. And remember, If we don’t manage to obtain a refund from your creditors, you won’t owe us a penny*!!

There is no time to waste, as certain legal time limits may apply. So, start the ball rolling by filling in the enquiry form above, or telephone us free on 0800 612 8082 today, and let us start your claim, for what is rightfully your money.