Barclays Failing To Pay Up After Upholding Complaints

A recent news article in the Guardian (see the link below), shows just how out of touch Barclays Bank / Barclaycard really are.

The article advises of a lady who had managed to obtain herself an offer of redress from Barclays, but later struggled when it came to receiving payment from them. So much so, it took over 6 months to obtain her refund and this only came once the journalists at the Guardian interviened.

Furthermore, the same lady encountered further issues with Barclays, when she tried to assist her mother in a very similar claim. In this instance, Barclays lost numerous recorded delivery letters and refused to let them speak with there claims handler.

This is probably not a surprise to the majority of us! However, it begs the question, I wonder why the banks prefer their customers to complain to them directly, and not use the services of a reputable 3rd party? …….

We at JPS Financial think this is so they can continue to treat them poorly, fobbing them off, with the hope that they will eventually drop their complaint against them, minimising any payouts.

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